The First Day

The First Day.

Above is a link to the photographs I made yesterday (just click on “The First Day”), which just happens to be one of the most important days of my life. Until now, the photographs have been mainly of Henry. However, we had a new addition to our family yesterday: Jonas Edward Mattson. My insensitive dad said the name “Jonas” reminds him of what one would name a hemorrhoid. My sister says she’ll call him “Jones,” because she had a dream. A friend of my nephew has already brought up the “Jonas Brothers,” as if his sentiments were original. Does it sound like I have a crazy family? Well, which one doesn’t have a bit of dysfunction? Let it be known from this day forward that I got the idea for “Jonas” after coming to admire the work of Norweigian Magnum photographer Jonas Bendiksen ( After sharing a conversation with him over email, he seems like a nice guy, which is a prerequisite when naming a child after someone. Wish I could say the same for Jonas’ middle name, “Edward,” which is titled in honor of my father… The same one that said Jonas reminds him of a sore. My dad’s middle name, however, is Herman, like “Herman Munster,” the newly created word “Herm-orrhoid,” or “Hermonster.” Needless to say, there will be plenty of fun in our relational dynamic. There is no anger in my family, just a lot of fun, and making fun of each other. Seriously, I swear. This is why I wish there was more time and ability to be with my family. I wish they were able to be in Colorado on a permanent basis, but know it’s probably not possible. On a good note, my big sis has the potential to move to Colorado, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her (and her husband, to find employment outside of Duncan, Oklahoma).

All that said, I’m overjoyed and humbled to be the father of two boys, and husband to the world’s greatest wife. If it get any better, you’ll find me pinching myself at every opportunity. Time to close my eyes for a moment before Jonas opens his.



5 thoughts on “The First Day

  1. One great big happy family…that’s us! My first comment was, “Jonas had something to do with whales”, but them I remembered it was JOHAH, oh well, dad’s aren’t suspose to be smart….they’re suspose to have money! Well, today I am fresh out of both (smarts and money), as old Uncle Sam goes deeper and deeper into debt. My choice was for both boys to be named “Gunnar” (pronounced Gunner), as you can’t get much more Swedish than that unless you wanted to go way radical and call the boys Olaf-Gunnar I and Olaf-Gunnar II (as in Olaf-Gunnar Bolla, a Leftist Scandinavian politician whose family way rife with suicides), Gunnar was best for an uncle we had in the family who could put away a bottle of hootch with the best of them, but was the best damned worker, military officer, and hombre, any family can have in the old ancestrial tree. His legecy lives on in Kooper’s Corner (a combination Restaurant-Bar-Honky Tonk-Wedding Parlor-Divorce Center-House of Worship Sunday early AM only-and Sports Gathering Establishment in Hildreth, Nebraska…pop. 187 farmers, oh…and one stop-sign, operated by my brother and Rob’s uncle John…another story unto itself. I sure am proud of my boy and his family. ..and they got the family thing going without any instruction or help we old folks.


  2. Wishing you all many more fun family moments today and always. I look forward to meeting Jonas and see your new studio soon.


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