Seasonal Transition

A rest area with a scenic overlook: only in Colorado. Okay, so I guess it could also be in Hawaii (near Mountain View, on the Big Island). Okay, there is also one next to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Florida. Okay, terrible lede. My point is that the seasons are changing, and even rest areas can be beautiful places. Take this place, for example, on the north side of I-70, right before the Copper Mountain exit. There is a man painting or sketching 50 feet from his car, and 100 feet from traffic zooming by at 65mph. When I see stuff like this, I know that I am living in the right state. I used to have dreams about this kind of terrain (not rest areas, rather beautiful scenery), so returning home two years ago eased a lot of geographic tension I felt. Some people don’t like, or can’t hack the cold weather and dry air, but for me, the beauty outweighs any negative drawbacks. This is Colorado. This is home.


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