Boulder’s Best Beach, App


Where do I even begin? I love this kid. I love Jonas. I love my wife. I just love my family. As stressed out as I can get about not having a staff photographer job, family is what keeps me grounded. Otherwise, I might work 18 hours a day, and blow my money on equipment that I’ll never use. That’s part of why I tried out the app “ShakeIt.” It was just for fun, and only cost me $1 or $2. However, it has become my favorite photo app. It’s square, looks like old Polaroid SX70 prints, and seems to recognize faces, so as not to chop them off. Ya, it crops a little, and has indeed cut off/cut short my kids, wife and friends, but it’s fun. The “shake it” part sucks, because you have to be very selective about photographs, as the app takes a while to produce the image. It just wastes time, but I’m okay with it, because the photographs look cool, and allow me to utilize my phone’s touch screen metering and autofocus. If I could change anything, however, I would fix the bug shuts the program down when to many pictures are made, and as previously stated, I’d enable the user to dodge the shake function.
All that being said, I still love this app. It enables me to do what I love, making photographs, of who I love, friends and family, when it’s convenient, and without taxing my equipment.
This photograph is of Henry at Boulder Reservoir, as all of us watched sunset from Boulder’s best beach.



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