Meeting the Deadline



Three days.

Creatively concept, storyboard, produce, edit and file a short documentary piece (~2:00) that shows life in Amherst with only sound and video, and do it all while tackling a full calendar of assignments and meetings. The only direction received was to just make it look good, and that I had to do it all over the weekend without any help.

Three days.

Day one, Friday afternoon and evening, was spent finishing unrelated work and attending meetings, drafting keywords that describe both Amherst and Amherst College, narrowing them down to ten or less, coming up with a shot list, finding events and mapping locations, and then start production after the sun went down. Day two was all production. Day three involved a technical hike up Mount Bare with bags of equipment, to get final shots, and then racing back to the computer for post-production.

Photography and video seem pretty easy, right? Just go out, record some compelling moments, spray some video of pretty scenery, snap a few pix, upload everything into an editing program, snip here, fade there, and voila! Two minutes of charming content that will keep people engaged and entertained, effectively convey project objectives and remain within the confines of brand guidelines.

Ummmm, no.

More to come on this later, so stay tuned.



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